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10 Places to Visit in Salisbury, MD

Many people feel a bit uncomfortable in a new place because they don’t know their way around yet. If you’ve just moved to Salisbury MD, this list of 10 excellent local restaurants and attractions will help you have a great time while exploring the area.

#1 Salisbury Zoo
This place is a great spot for a family visit, but you will also enjoy yourself if you come here with friends or decide to include a visit to the zoo in your plan for a romantic date. Salisbury Zoo may not be very large, but it’s filled with interesting animals and has many beautiful shaded spots where you can relax and have fun socializing with your loved ones. To make your visit more interesting (or romantic, if that is the mood you are aiming for) you can rent a paddle boat. There is a playground where kids can amuse themselves while their parents are resting in the shade. On the last Friday of every month, the zoo remains open later than usual and you get the chance to see the handlers tending to the animals and taking them out for viewing.

#2 Pemberton Historical Park
This park is one of the most beautiful places in Salisbury. It’s a great place for a jog or a walk. You can come here to have fun with friends or to make new friends by joining various games. The park is filled with wildlife, and you get the chance to see squirrels, turtles, and many other animals in their natural habitat. Trying to spot them can be an interesting adventure for both children and adults.
A visit to Pemberton Park will be an educational experience as there are quite a few historical landmarks on the premises. As there is also a nice river running through the park, you can enjoy a spot of kayaking. Every fall, the park hosts the annual Good Beer & Wine Festival where you can enjoy exquisite drinks and have a great time getting acquainted with other Salisbury residents.

#3 Ward Museum of Wildfowl Art
This museum provides you with the chance to see some truly incredible wood carvings. If you are interested in the art, your visit will be highly educational as you will not only see some beautiful pieces but also learn some interesting facts about the history of carving decoys. A guided tour is a must to get the most of your Wildfowl adventure, but be ready to return if you want to really enjoy studying the various works presented in the museum.

You can take some interesting pieces and other souvenirs with you as there is a gift shop available on the premises. There is also an art gallery where you can see some exquisite pieces. The setting itself is beautiful and offers plenty of spots for taking great pictures. The museum occasionally organizes photo contests and other interesting events. If you are a member of the NARM (National Association of Reciprocal Museums), you get free admittance. However, even if you aren’t, the tickets are quite cheap, so everyone can enjoy visiting this amazing place.

#4 Brew River Restaurant
Sate your hunger at one of the best Salisbury restaurants, Brew River. Here you can enjoy delicious fresh salads, amazingly prepared fish, or simply snack on a tasty sandwich. This is a great place for a company of friends, especially in the evenings when you can enjoy good music and the relaxing atmosphere.

The outdoor area draws a great number of compliments from visitors as it’s not only beautiful but also very cozy. If you sit outdoors or on the deck, you get to enjoy a wonderful view of the Wicomico River.

#5 Poplar Hill Mansion
This is a place where you can enjoy learning a bit of history while wandering the halls of a truly beautiful mansion. The mansion offers free days, so everyone can visit and see the place in all its glory. A guided tour will be educational for both children and adults.
Kids, in particular, enjoy a chance to visit the attic and see some of the “secret hideouts” of the old mansion. The end of the tour usually involves delicious brownies and iced tea as well as some banjo music. All in all, you will definitely want to come here again.

#6 Evolution Craft Brewing Public House
You should visit this restaurant on your way to the beach. It offers great beer and incredibly delicious burgers. Be sure to try the pickled sampler and seafood as both are excellent.
The biggest attraction of the place is the friendly atmosphere. The restaurant is popular so it’s often crowded, but you’ll feel comfortable anyway as the crowd is young and fun. The servers are very helpful and pleasant.

#7 Cactus Taverna
This is one of the best places to eat in Salisbury MD. It’s cozy and offers amazing food. The menu is quite eclectic, so it’s a great place for a company with different tastes. The atmosphere of the place is casual, but it has a certain class to it that ensures you will enjoy your visit.
Try the Tavern’s specialty, the coconut martini, as it’s absolutely delicious. The desserts here are absolutely amazing.

#8 Acorn Market
This is where you should go for lunch. The food is absolutely delicious, but the place is a bit on the expensive side. However, once you try these soups and salads, you’ll definitely feel compelled to splurge and visit again.

#9 La Tolteca Mexican Restaurante
This is a place for Mexican food lovers and vegetarians. The food is delicious and reasonably priced, so you will be able to enjoy coming here often. The atmosphere of the restaurant is very pleasant and relaxing.

#10 Wicomico County Youth & Civic Center
You should visit the WCYCC to enjoy a concerts and events. Past events include Rodeo, Monster Truck Thrill Show, Plays and The Globtrotters.

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